Marine electricians who work primarily on vessels in dry dock or at moorings may require the same state-level credentials as any other electrician in their area and will likely proceed through the same apprenticeship programs. Some, like Virginia’s Tidewater Community College maritime program, for example, offer separate certificates for marine electrical systems. All information and required knowledge used mainly with UK marine electric systems and follows not only the BMEEA Code of Practice and ISOs, but also the Recreational Craft Directive (RCD). Consequently, marine electricians often work with tinned, stranded wiring, which is more flexible and resistant to corrosion than solid copper wire, and with crimped connections, which are less likely to break than soldered connections. Add to Cart. With lower current levels, it can quickly corrode metal parts of a hull exposed to the current—a process known as galvanic corrosion. Constant rubbing or bending can chafe away insulating coatings on wires and create short circuits. The electrical engineer will work with cross functional groups as well as effectively support other engineers and prototype specialists in order to complete projects on time and within budget. Marine Electrician Courses A marine electrician is a technician who repairs, installs, and maintains the electrical systems, wiring, fixtures, and marine equipment on boats, yachts, and ships. Students learn a variety of steering system types for both power and sailing craft. Entry-level marine electricians can expect to make between $14 and $20 per hour, as shown by these jobs advertised in August 2016: A journeyman marine electrician can make double that amount. BOATER 202: Marine Electrical Systems (MES) – San Diego, CA This course is designed to benefit recreational and professional mariners who operate private vessels utilizing 30, 50 and 100 amp ac/dc electrical systems. To become a journeyman electrician, you must complete a rigorous course of education and training in the form of an apprenticeship consisting of between 500 and 1,000 classroom hours and between 8,000 and 10,000 hours (5-6 years) of supervised work experience and on-the-job training. Obtaining certification before applying puts candidates a step ahead of the competition. Some, like Virginia’s Tidewater Community College maritime program, for example, offer separate certificates for marine electrical systems. Copyright © 2020 EduMaritime - All Rights Reserved, Intl Trade / Trade Finance Online Courses (ICC), NMEA Certified Marine Electronics Technician (CMET) Program, NMEA/ABYC Combined Training & Certifications, and NMEA Marine Electronics Installer Training Programs, IAMPE Intl Assn of Maritime & Port Executives, The Institutes - Marine Insurance Certifications. Marine Electrical Systems. 613 Third Street, Suite 10 - Annapolis, MD 21403 - Phone: 410.990.4460 - Fax: 410.990.4466 Get information on Electrician programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information. Marine engineers at times lack the confidence to tackle electrical problems. Marine electricians are responsible for installing and maintaining wiring and electrical systems on ships and boats. Maritime Training Academy offers distance learning that is managed and run by established professionals within the marine industry. While many other electricians will find a path into the industry through vocational degree programs at community colleges or via apprenticeships, marine electricians typically receive their education at specialized maritime academies. Since many of the systems are proprietary in design, lessons follow specific recommendations from vendors such as Edson, Teleflex and Vetus. More important to many marine electricians is certification in the American Boat and Yacht Council’s (ABYC) standards. The AEE course is based on MIDC requirements. The NMEA Product Awards are presented annually to recognize excellence in design, performance and reliability in marine electronics products. They may also be responsible for wiring up and testing alarm systems, dealing with everything from low oil pressure to flooding to full wastewater tanks.
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