The unique thing about pied cockatiels is that even though it is a recessive trait, a tiel can carry the gene for being pied, and pass it on to it’s offspring, without being pied itself you can see when a tiel is carrying the pied gene. Email Seller. Tiels: Bows / Normal Gray Hen: 1976 - 1984 Caesar / Normal Gray Male: 1977 - 1994 Piper / Lutino Hen: 1994 - 2010 Woodstock / Normal Gray Male: 2004 - 2011 Show Less. Technically speaking, a light pied bird should have 25% pied and 75% body colour and a heavy pied should show 25% body colour and 75%pied colour. 15 seconds ago; For Sale; Birds; Cockatiels; Goole . pure whiteface female & pied lutino male. This combination will probably be known as albino cinnamon pearl pied. Pin it. Today they are fairly common mutations. Normal Lutino eyes will darken as the bird matures, due to a slight infusion of melanin. Lutino Pied eyes are a paler, bright jelly bean pink color in comparison to other Lutino variations, and do not darken as they get older. Apr 24, 2020 - Cockatiels For Sale - Whiteface Pearl Cockatiel - The Cockatiel (Nymphicus hollandicus), also known as the quarrion and the weiro, is a member of the cockatoo family endemic to Australia. Adult cockatiels with the "normal grey" coloration, a grey body with yellow head, are relatively easy to distinguish based on their plumage. There are no distinguishable markings between Male and Female Pied birds. DYC Pied. Pied is the only mutation that is universally agreed to have reliable visual indicators of a split. Some yellow pigment is still present but a more diluted version. It effects the production of the yellow family of pigments as does the Whiteface gene but has only a partial effect hence the name 'parblue'. Pet Adoption {{item_hours.display_day}} Charles C. LEVEL 3 Houston, TX. So, They have no orange cheek patches. Bird Specialist: Anna, Bird Expert, Biologist replied 10 years ago. White Face Pearl Pied. Share. Cinnamon Pied. Thank you ~Shanon. Comments. Cockatiels are exceptionally popular birds, owing in part to a host of new color mutations and their exquisite myriad combinations. Gender: DNA Required for accuracy. Pied. Contact the Seller. Hand fed White face Cockatiel (bernal heights) hand fed White face Cockatiel (mission district) White cockatiel for sale. They are siblings, genders unknown. The Whiteface cockatiel is derived from the autosomal recessive gene, therefore both parents must carry the gene. If a Pied cockatiel has dark tail feathers, it may be possible to tell a female if there are bars on the tail feathers. This would be combinations of whites and greys on gray colored birds while it would be combinations of yellows and cinnamon's on Cinnamon Cockatiels . Winter, one of the finest cockatiels bred at Homestead's Hatchery is out of "Aspen", a cinnamon pied whiteface hen bred by Phil Feret of Washington and "Logan", a cinnamon whiteface / pied cock bird. Using pied birds with less, rather than more, pied markings will result in more areas of cinnamon colour on the white body of a whiteface lutino cinnamon pearl pied. Hand Tame & People Friendly, likes setting on your hand… Hand Tame & … Safety Notice from Pets4Homes - NEVER send money for a deposit or pay for a pet online, unless using our Safe Deposit Service. 4 way split cockatiel baby being handfed split to pearl, white face, pied and normal cinnamon. White-faced Cockatiels first appeared in 1964. The Whiteface color variety and the Pied produce the cross mutations described below. Some very pretty Whiteface varieties are created when combined with other cockatiel mutations and each of these mixes further enhances the beauty of these pet birds. The Pied cockatiel is the first mutation of cockatiel colour genetics, with a mostly grey to light-yellow and white feathers and orange cheek patches. Member since Feb 2020 07932909XXX Reveal. 1,871 miles away • Edit Chat . Share this conversation. Leigh On Sea, Essex. Because, Proper cockatiel diet leads to a healthy cockatiel mutation according to your choice. Size: 12 to 13 in. The "Whiteface gene" removes all the yellow and orange that would be present in a Lutino. Life Span: up to 20 years in captivity. JLA FORUMS - Menu Close. Houston, TX. Eating Roudybush pellets mini’s,small amount of seed and veggie/bean chop. Age start from 12 weeks. Related: Cockatiel Bird Best Food Recipes, Brands And Cockatiel Care; White Faced Pearl Pied Cockatiel . Origin: Australia. Pin it. White Face Cinnamon Pearl Pied. Whiteface pied Cockatiel . Pick up only. The Pastelface Cockatiel gene is a member of the 'Blue' family of genes or better known as the Whiteface family in cockatiels. Ideally a perfect specimen would have 25% body colour with an even pattern to the markings and an absence of body colour from the face, tail and flights. Conor B. CAButtery. They are prized as household pets and companion parrots throughout the world and are relatively easy to breed. Get more visibility! Share. They are prized as household pets and companion parrots throughout the world and are relatively easy to breed. Talking Ability: low to None. We have now launched our new "Boost" feature. Show More. A bird with a lot of yellow that has dark eyes and perhaps a small area of grey somewhere, even only one feather or toenail, is not a lutino but a pied. Clutch Size: 5-7 eggs. Cockatiel Budgies Parrots Birds 2 Pet Birds Parrot Food Recipe Beautiful Pictures Cute Animals Pets. 15 Pins • 33 Followers. The white-faced pearl pied cockatiel is the mixture of three cockatiel color mutations which are pearl, pied and Types of White-Faced Cockatiel mutations. White-faced cinnamon pied cockatiel: The relation with "albino" cockatiel. Follow. A pied has a combination of colors along with the colors of a normal gray. Though most heavy pieds are still unevenly marked, some outstandingly marked birds do occur. If I breed my male whiteface pied cockatiel with a whiteface pearl cockatiel what all colors will the babies be? Pied whiteface unrelated male and female four months old.

Bot male and female white-faced cockatiel Young female white-faced cockatiels own lessen orange cheek patches. Incubation: 23 days. Share. ( see pic of Logan close to the top of this page ) Logan has sired many offspring, is a dedicated father and uncharacteristically has not bonded to any one particular hen. There can be a lot of light or white, "a heavy Pied" or they can just have yellow on the back of their head, "a split pied". This seller doesn't have any ratings yet. The "albino cockatiel" is not a true albino, it is a combination of a "white-faced cockatiel" and a "Lutino cockatiel". Some of the different color varieties they come in include grey, pearl, cinnamon, pied, and albino. £65. See more ideas about Whiteface, Cockatiel, Animals. £40. The pied affect is a striking combination of the colors in a random pattern of patches or blotches. Category. They are hardy, easily handle changes in their home, and are easy to breed. Submitted: 10 years ago. Message The Owner Send. Cockatiel WhiteFace cinnamon Collection by Toshihito Kido. and the "Lutino gene" removes all the black and grey. Lutinos can be visually sexed since the females will have the same bright yellow spots under the flight feathers and their tails will show a yellow on cream or cream on yellow barring pattern. Tango / White Faced Pied Male: Hatched on October 09, 2011 - Homed on April 28, 2012. Buy birds online like… Jan 5, 2018 - Explore Toshihito Kido's board "Cockatiel WhiteFace cinnamon" on Pinterest. M1 Pied Cockatiels. Remove from Likes. Cinnamon Whiteface Pearl Pied Cockatiel. This mutation creates the inability to produce the yellow and red colors on the feathers. Cockatiels For Sale - Whiteface Pearl Cockatiel - The Cockatiel (Nymphicus hollandicus), also known as the quarrion and the weiro, is a member of the cockatoo family endemic to Australia. The Whiteface pearl colour mutation is white hard to find and the dark grey with white pearl markings and white head makes for a pretty bird. Category: Bird. Member since May 2018 n/a n/a. White Face Pied Cockatiel. Scientific Name: Nymphicus hollandicus. Ask Your Own Bird Question. Answered in 5 hours by: 5/5/2008. Contact the Seller. The orange cheek patches were genetically eliminated through selective breeding. The cockatiel can be mostly yellow (heavy pied), mostly dark (light) pied, have dark feathers on its face (dirty face pied) or no dark at all except for the eyes (clear pied). The result is an all white cockatiel with red eyes. Please call for details NO TEXT ... FA. Report . Owner's Ratings () See All Ratings 's Reply. Description.

Lutino cockatiel normally white yellow feathered birds having orange patches on the cheeks. Report. Semi Tame Whiteface Pied Cockatiel. Service Offered. Anna, Bird Expert, Biologist. The pied mutation causes some feathers that would normally be grey to be solid yellow instead of the usual color (or white if the bird is whiteface in addition to being pied). Tweet. Can sell separately for £50 each, or together for £80. Naturally in a whiteface bird the pied colour would be white instead of yellow. White face pied cockatiel (WILMINGTON) $160. This is a combination of three colour changes and two pattern changes. The white-faced pied cockatiel also, shows a pied color pattern and has white face feathers. A lutino whiteface is a pure yellow or pure white bird with a white face. The bird may be easier to breed then it is to say its genetically honest name. Tweet. It is known in the bird world as the Parblue mutation. White Face Pied. WHITEFACE PIED COCKATIELS. Hours.

You have plenty of time so be choosey about who you pick. Send message. Pastel Face Pearl Pied. Goole, East Riding of Yorkshire. Note the drastic difference in cheek coloration below. Additional Information. Buy birds online like pet cockatiels at The Finch Farm, we ship! Pied. Pastel Face Pied. Pied cockatiels have large, random blotches of colour on their bodies, after the "normal grey" or "wild type" of a cockatiel's plumage is primarily grey with prominent white flashes on the outer edges of each wing. The Pied Cockatiel is also known as the Variegated Cockatiel, Harlequin Cockatiel, or Pied Tiel. Male Whiteface Pied Cockatiel. Cockatiels for sale Cockatiels for sale . White faced cockatiels are fairly easy to breed and can live between 16-25 years.
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