Thank you. yes you can replace laser with the LED just make sure the V and I specs of the laser are correctly supplied. The analog signal will be converted to light bean and the receiver will receive the light beam and convert them to analog signals which can be fed to a laptop againa via cat 5 cable.But I dnt see any ethernet cable socket in the diagram. In block diagram 2.2uf is used & reciver circuit 100uf used. Would using BC547 gives better output than BC338. Can you pls answers my questions.To my knowledge we Input internet connection through a ethernet cat 5 cable. Last Updated on February 23, 2020 by Swagatam 166 Comments. I am working on LiFi since 2016. Is it necessary to use a solar cell can i use a LDR instead. arduino data led lifi communication-networks solar-panels Updated Jun 14, 2018 In addition, I connected a 9V battery with resistor to the LED. The input signal at the transmitter section can be modulated with a specific time period then send the data using LED bulbs in 0’s and 1’s form. LI-FI stands for Light Fidelity which was coined by Harald Hass. Who can help me explain this problem? Music is a single frequency data therefore it may be much easier to send music through a Li-Fi circuit, but not a video signal, How am I supposed to connect this with the internet? A plant’s communication system is an important part of its total capital expenditure on instrumentation. I appreciate your suggestion, and I quite agree with you. This application can be made with a highly encrypted algorithm. eventhough I too prefer skipping such questions I finally end up answering them just to make sure nobody gets hurt and feel ignored. This site is a great place to learn, but the comments are a great place to want to kill yourself over stupidity. LI-FI is buzzing around the Internet since past few years; recently LI-FI is gained more popularity around the internet and developers. Check out this book for further information. If my building has error or has to change the transistor then Please suggest a Circuit where LED would be always ON – With Signal or No Signal. I used different values of resistor and I found the above specified values optimal. In one of your comments I read “I guess you are referring to the first circuit in the above article, yes the LED will be lit while no signal is connected to the circuit, but as soon as you connect the function generator, the negative signals from it will begin shutting off the LED at the specified frequency rate and you will start seeing the required conversion from the LED.”. Sir please share ur email id. I have used old-school home theater’s amplifier which had very good sensitivity and the resulting output was LOUD and CLEAR. I connected the ground wire of the AV cable from the DVD player to the cathode of LED and the positive wire to the anode of the LED. Thank you! OK, that’s great! Our eyes can’t pickup the flicker due to input signal. nothing new here , a friend did this in 1980 as a school project , used a bicycle lamp as the source and a photocell as receiver. Hi hassan, sorry this design supports only analogue signals, digital signal might not work correctly. Thanks Aroloye, complete practical implementation is already explained in the above article, if you have specific questions you can feel free to ask me here, I'll try to solve it…. I powered the speaker through wall socket (230 V AC current). I have to put full volume to hear some output. hey there can u briefly explain the working of ur reciever and the components needed. Visible light communication (VLC) eliminates the risk of some disease caused by the Radio waves due to long period exposure. You actually need two arduino's, one to send and the other to receive to make it more fun. It is a technology that will extend the capabilities of Wi-Fi communication even beyond our imagination. If you have any circuit related query, you may interact through comments, I'll be most happy to help! and how you chose the value of resistors and capacitor and if possible send me the Shema block and the role of each block answers please it's urgent, Can you show ptototype transmiter and receiver in detail, please your help thanks, Sir, if I am giving a signal from a signal generator to the input should I do any changes in the transmitter . Plz reply fast i have to submit it today evening. Initially I chose BC548, but too weak to handle 1watt LED, so gone with stronger transistor BC337 these info can be found in the datasheet. LiFi technology is very simple from a functional point of view. The transmitter circuit started working as soon as I connected the battery. I would be obliged if anyone explained to me how you achieved video transmission through Light Fidelity. Update: The above design can be also tried using a single transistor as shown below: You can use a current limiting resistor series with LED if you want operate the circuit at higher voltage (say 12V).You can also use standard 0.5mm white LED with current limiting resistor. The receiver consists of a photo detector (here I used solar cell) which is paired with an amplifier. Hello Abdullhaq, the circuit can be use for transmitting all kinds of frequencies, so it should work with your function generator output also, first make sure that your function generator output has only pulsating DC and no constant DC…and the solar cell gets no other ambient light except the function generator frequency light. In Tx input join the 6 signal via diodes, at the output side connect two LEDs in parallel with opposite polarities (anti-parallel)…make sure each one has its own 1K resistor. quick help appreciated as I am sitting with LDR in hand. LiFi Technology. Which components should i change or is this circuit only for supplying audio signals? Personal project, Low-level Visible Light communication system. Now, only an icon shows up on the screen which says "AV 1 detected" for a short while and then disappears altogether. The input capacitor at receiver blocks those DC signal giving almost zero voltage to amplifier. Thank you so much sir. nothing digital at all. Li-Fi could potentially prevent car collisions through proximity warnings, which can be transmitted from car to car using their tail or head lights. What kind of LED and photodiode do you use ? video signal cannot be transmitted using the above circuit…. It works for me ! That means I will need 6 LEDs as I am using a 9-volt battery. For an audio source you can use mp3 player, mobile phone or a microphone with pre-amplifier etc. The term was first introduced by Harald Haas during a 2011 TEDGlobal talk in Edinburgh.. Design Your Own Li-Fi Dongle for audio and music applications. :/, it has the modulation circuitry responsibleplease respond. Security When we apply audio signal at transmitter there will be change in the LED’s brightness (Very small). I was using 3 BC338, 1 Watt LED in the transmitter. please provide a detailed view, Good Morning,I used Proteus to simulate the transmitter circuit and it worked with a sine wave generator as the input.But during the implementation it did not work and when I later changed the input to an audio file,the led was not coming on.The receiver circuit is not working as well,will appreciate it if you can guide my through.My defense is next month and I haven't gotten to anywhere,though audio transmission using LiFi is cheap to my Lecturer as a final year project work,will as well appreciate it if you can recommend something better to me and guide me through it.Look forward to your speedy response,time is not on my side again. you can probably implement it by using two of these amplifier circuits, one as the Tx, other as the Rx. Patents have been filed by several companies for LiFi application in the automobile sector, meaning that the technology could be used to increase road safety or … either you must elevate the music input power or enhance the BJT stages in order to increase its sensitivity which perhaps can be done by converting the BJTs into Darlington pairs. We only see static illumination of white LED. Is it due to Solar Panel or due to BC338? This also would allow real time download of useful information, such as the optimal routes to take. The receiver consists of a 6 volt solar cell (3 volts above works fine) in series with 2.2uf capacitor which is paired with an amplifier. You can here clear audio sound on the receiving speaker. The solar cell replicates the small varying voltage, the capacitor will allow the small variation in voltage amplitude to amplifier and rejecting strong constant DC voltage. The main way we transmit wireless data is by using electromagnetic waves, in particular radio waves. However, with the impressive speeds of LiFi, it is poised to make an even bigger impact than WiFi. the receiver side would also need a circuit capable of extracting the superimposed music from the carrier signal for the expected LiFi output, isn't possible to make lifi from my wireless home broadband? What would be the difference. Li-Fi uses visible light to transmit signals wirelessly. Also I do not have Solar Cell and nor could get Photodiode. thanks, Swag. LIFI –”LIGHT FIDEALITY” is transmission of data through illumination, i.e. If he would type "information regarding lifi" into google he would have got the URL you shared and a ton of other information. Om, the Vcc line is the positive, and all the wires linked with this line are positive. I would like to have my room illuminated always (with Signal or No signal) and also have Music transmitting when Signal fed. Applications of LiFi LiFi applications are varied as a result of its key features, such as directional lighting, energy efficiency, intrinsic security, high data rate capability, signal blocking by walls and integrated networking capability. Global LiFi reinvents the connection between humans and objects in different market contexts. You can use any amplifier with good sensitivity for receiver part. connected a stereo jack (3.5mm) to the radio. LiFi Communication Project Details In the application we try to implement a very low level Li-Fi data communication where we send some data through a small led at a low data rate.
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