Quick delivery, well packaged. So happy! Anonymous (verified owner) – March 12, 2018. Easy to order and quick to ship. I want to make poutine. Can make real poutine now! 4/16/2012. Neil Shopland (verified owner) – September 20, 2017, gaston leroux (verified owner) – September 18, 2017. Poutine is a favourite across fairgrounds in North America but cheese curd is no one trick pony. This cheese was perfect! Nicholas R. (verified owner) – June 15, 2020. Thank you I will definetly purchase from you again, ian lewis (verified owner) – May 24, 2020. Best outside of Canada! We buy it for our Poutine a couple times a year. I sent Batch Farm a message asking them to correct the order. Anonymous (verified owner) – June 27, 2020. As a Canadian who has lived in the UK for over 20 years, it was nice to be able to make some proper poutine and help ease a bit of homesickness! Thanks! Absolutely delicious! Thank you! Lovely cheese. You may wish to add salt according to taste. Another Canadian here that will reorder. (verified owner) – February 20, 2018, Nicholas Russell (verified owner) – February 20, 2018. gaston leroux (verified owner) – February 29, 2020, Jennifer C (verified owner) – February 11, 2020, Cheese curds people, cheese curds! Purchase these mozzarella stretching curds, which are produced daily, and learn to stretch your own cheese. Click to purchase Cheese Curds for Sale from Ashe County Cheese Factory. First home made poutine I’ve had in years! Used for making poutine. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Could someone contact me regarding trade price for decent quantities please? Get a K-Cup Coffee Maker, Waffle Iron, or Toaster Oven for Under $25 Each Great service! The cheese curd itself is much oilier in the package than any I’ve purchased previously but they steam and fry well and made excellent poutine. Share your email address and be rewarded handsomely with occasional recipes, seasonal news and cheese curd happenings. Because of this, cheese curds are only fresh for about a day and can be hard to find other than cheese factories. Speedy service and great curds! It was epic!! It arrived fresh and was delicious!. The whole family was thrilled with the much needed ingredient for poutine! correana cumberbirch (verified owner) – November 12, 2017, I loved this cheese thank you, i use it to make canadian poutine, n it was delicous,i will be reordering, Marc Bailey (verified owner) – November 2, 2017. Batch Farm ignored both messages and sent me TWO of each item, not ONE. I know that's a sign of good cheese curds. Delivery was very fast even with the current situation. Anonymous (verified owner) – October 3, 2020, Shannon M. (verified owner) – October 3, 2020. You have made me a very happy lassie x, Anonymous (verified owner) – October 31, 2020, Lovely quality delivery excellent very pleased and enjoyed the recipe thanks very much, Lindsay A. (verified owner) – July 14, 2020, Perfect, squeaky curds, as ever! I feel like I’m back home in Sherbrooke, Québec!! I enjoyed this a lot. The same squeak, the same taste! Nathan P. (verified owner) – July 4, 2020. Great! Delivered so quickly and tasted delicious, complete with squeak! Rated 5 out of 5. Sanitizing. Kirsty Gordon (verified owner) – April 11, 2018. Always great service and quick delivery. john s. (verified owner) – November 23, 2018. Arrived so quickly it was amazing. I’m still missing my family but very happy I have found a supply of cheese curds in the UK. I can enjoy my poutine whenever I want !!! … and definitely squeaky! You can buy a bag of these – find Squeaky Curds Cheese Kit to have fresh curds shipped directly to your door. I just want to buy a small bag and gobble… Cheese curds or cottage cheese or cheese? , Nathan Daniel (verified owner) – May 7, 2019. Peter Perry (verified owner) – September 29, 2018, Leah L. (verified owner) – September 24, 2018. We try and do our best for our customers as every customer is a valued customer. Curd has about the same firmness and density as cheese, but with a … Buy Now Anonymous (verified owner) – June 3, 2020. Ali Webster (verified owner) – November 13, 2017. Anonymous (verified owner) – July 4, 2020. Loved the cheese curds, plenty of them and just the right amount of squeek! Tara G. Philadelphia, PA; 543 friends 203 reviews I'm looking to purchase a largeish quantity of cheese curds. Thank you from a very happy cheese lover! Nothing beats the OG curds from Wisconsin though. STORE POLICY; Trending Cheeses; WHOLESALE CHEESE; WHAT THE CHEESE MOBILE APP; Looking For Help. Everyone loved it. Excellent service. Does anyone know where I can get cheese curds around Philly? 6/13/2014. Bite-sized cheese curds so fresh they “squeak” when you eat them. Graeme Thompson (verified owner) – June 26, 2020. The filled moulds are then stacked on presses where a weight is lowered squeezing out all the remaining moisture and forces the curd to matt back together. Where can I buy cheese curds? Email me about updates Report conversation as inappropriate ↓ Page Bottom. Stephen P. (verified owner) – September 13, 2020, I purchased these so I could make Canadian poutine. (verified owner) – June 29, 2020. Terra Gaucha Brazilian Steakhouse Tampa. Your email address will not be published. As a Canadian, it really felt like I was tasting cheese from home. Cheese Curds: Gotta have fried cheese curds when the Packers are in the Super Bowl. Michelle (verified owner) – May 18, 2020, My cheese curds arrived quickly after I ordered them and being from Montreal, Canada I can safely say these cheese curds are just as good if not better than the ones we have over there. Buy bulk cheese curds to make poutine or delicious and cheesy appetizers. If your a fan of poutine then you can’t go wrong with these curds. Quick View. Amazing cheese curds for our poutine obsession and fantastic customer service. Chloe (verified owner) – November 11, 2018. I was due to visit my family in Canada but due to covid it had to be cancelled, to cheer myself up, I ordered cheese curds so I could make poutine. > > Thanks for any suggestions! Farhana J. Salty and squeaky! We’ve had our first serving of poutine already. Required fields are marked *. Fantastic melted in a sandwich either on its own or in combination with other cheese (particularly with our Fiery Fred!). Eatery, Curds Gourmet Cheese Shop & European Deli, Truffle Cheese Shop, Steuben's Uptown, Fort Greene, The Post Brewing Co. Denver Lovely, lovely food. Delivery time was so prompt, it came next day. Would definitely buy again. Love the curds, fresh and squeaky delivered right to my door! :) Posted by: Marti Kennedy; July 17, 2014; 3944 views; 4 Comments; poutine; squeeky cheese curds; New Hampshire; 4 Comments Can I. July 18, 2014 Are you near a Trader Joe's? Thank you , Annie C. (verified owner) – October 1, 2017. Just what I wanted to make poutine! WOW! Service was great, delivery was quick even amid the current coronovirus crisis and the product received is delightful. Had poutine tonight with the cheese curds from Goulds…felt like being back in Calgary and it was instant comfort food…super squeaky curds and absolutely perfect…will be buying from Goulds again for sure! I was pleased with the rapid delivery, I will be making a velvet cheesecake, in a week, for a jewish holiday, and have not used it yet. I will be back for more. Rapid Reorder × Create a new wish list. I’ve emailed you. These are the real deal, great in poutine. Fast delivery, really reasonably priced. They squeak and taste just like back home in Montreal. in Food. Incredible squeaky cheeses Curds. The mixture is then cooked and pressed, creating the final product of cheese curd. ANGEL F. (verified owner) – July 7, 2020, Great service and fantastic quality! I just want to buy a small bag and gobble them up! gaston l. (verified owner) – November 10, 2018, Just wish i would be able to buy it in the north west intstedof buy it on line the coast of believery is expensive, Lesley (verified owner) – November 10, 2018. The most unexpected but amazing cheese ever. > > A co-worker claims that he has a killer recipe for a cake made with > cheese curds. Excellent cheese – perfect for celebrating our Quebec National Holiday in London. Our cheese factory has operated since 1930 and remains one of the surviving niche cheese factories in the states. Simply deep fry the frozen cheese curds in a preheated fryer at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 1 1/2 minutes, or until they achieve their desired golden color, and serve with your signature dipping sauce. ian lewis (verified owner) – June 15, 2020, Jennifer (verified owner) – June 15, 2020, Gorgeous curds, speedy and safe delivery – but these they’re awesome, more poutine, on pizza and bakes etc, Leanne S. (verified owner) – June 14, 2020, Amazing I used this to make poutine, fried curds and a curd pizza came with in 24 hours , great service, Ollie Smith (verified owner) – June 13, 2020. Otherwise fresh seems impossible. Excellent service. Our family has been in the cheese business since 1960, involved in the grading and selection of cheese from around the world. Lovely curds, flawless delivery. They were perfect., Sean Lowery (verified owner) – September 12, 2020. Looking to buy cheese curds in Australia? Canadian wife was very happy to have her poutine! Lovely cheese curds and prompt delivery. ‘Canadian quality’. We like them straight-up served at room temperature too. Cheese Curds are a delicious snack. Very happy, Robert (verified owner) – September 27, 2020. Email me about updates Report conversation as inappropriate ↓ Page Bottom. I took them for a Canadian thanksgiving evening and made poutine – delicious! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Tillamook Cheddar Cheese Curds are exclusively sold at the Tillamook Creamery. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Greg Briers (verified owner) – October 6, 2019, Only cheese curds I could find in the UK to make Poutine…. Perfect for homemade poutine. I’m Canadian and I really miss cheese curds. Arrived really fast, just in time for a Canada Day Poutine fix , Tracey B. 3 years ago. Mixed or served with other types of cheese, they will always stand out. Amazing as always. 4/2.5 lb. We’d love to hear what you use it for so please get in touch with us on facebook. A taste of North America, with a great saltiness and lots of squeak, Jonathan V. (verified owner) – October 13, 2018. These cheese curds are very close to the ones you can get in Canada and made for some delicious poutine. We are a tiny family run business and have only recently welcomed a 5th member to our small team. Anonymous (verified owner) – September 15, 2018, Darren Keirle (verified owner) – September 10, 2018. Anthony (verified owner) – February 12, 2019, Anonymous (verified owner) – February 12, 2019, Anonymous (verified owner) – February 8, 2019, Hanna B. Etienne Pelletier (verified owner) – May 5, 2020, Perfectly perfect. Will be ordering again for sure. Bag Spicy Jalapeno Battered Squeeky Cheese Curds - 6/Case, York Valley Cheese Company 8 oz. Love cheese curds and am so thankful I found you, Lindsey Obrien (verified owner) – April 9, 2020, Anonymous (verified owner) – April 4, 2020, Quick delivery, lovely tasting cheese curd. Every bit as good as Canada’s world famous Forfar curds from Portland Ontario. Malcolm Dyer (store manager) – May 14, 2020, Ms Carolyn van Vlijmen (verified owner) – May 11, 2020. We celebrated the finale of Canada’s Drag Race with a Poutine Party, made possible by these excellent curds! Easy to navigate website, good communication and essentially, a great product. Report inappropriate content . If you can't find a place that sells them, they're easy to make.-- Excellent product, hard to find elsewhere, perfect for poutine. It taste just like in Quebec, Canada thank you. Can you help me find them? When I first looked they were out of stock, sent an email and got a quick reply when they would be producing again, great! Quick delivery! Unpressed curds also have a distinct sound they make when bitten into — a squeak — that's as identifiable with poutine as french fries and gravy. And great delivery service. The cheese curds are amazing and we will definitely be ordering again and again! Even more squeaky with gravy, craig darby (verified owner) – January 15, 2019. Wanted to try to recreate Poutine and after watching how to make cheese curd I searched for somewhere to buy it. I looked everywhere to find curds that were vegetarian friendly in the UK but had no luck. Turn it into the secret ingredient in your cheese sauce or make the worlds greatest cheese burger. Ps I see you are at the Notting Hill farmers market. Will be back for more. Megan (verified owner) – November 18, 2018. Stacy (verified owner) – October 13, 2018. However I really liked it. I don't want fried, or breaded, or gravy on top. I was expecting curd cheese – soft, white, creamy. Alain Bety (verified owner) – June 9, 2020, Sierra R. (verified owner) – June 9, 2020. Ordered a kilo of curd cheese and promptly froze it into 4 batches to make poutine in future. Top restaurants in Tampa. They actually do squeak and taste good. Greg, Matt Harrop (verified owner) – April 25, 2020, Arrived within 2 working days and product tasted perfect and will have no qualms about using again, Jonathan Burton (verified owner) – April 20, 2020, Kiri Gordon (verified owner) – April 20, 2020, Hazel Sloan (verified owner) – April 19, 2020, Super quick delivery and was great to have an email update when dispatched too, Adrian (verified owner) – April 19, 2020. The curds are delicious…and addictive. ❤, Daniella A. Breaded Homestyle Squeeky Cheese Curds - 6/Case, York Valley Cheese Company 5 oz. Cheese also had no squeak at all, which was a real shame. Thanks very much from this very happy poutine face , Morgan W. (verified owner) – May 17, 2020. Our Canadian poutine night was a big hit! Wonderful curds, fast delivery and excellent product. So worth it. Great to find proper squeaky cheese in the UK. Jennifer s. (verified owner) – May 6, 2020. Instead of grating it with a cheese grater I break it into small little "curds". This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Melanie Martin (verified owner) – July 25, 2020, As a canadian, I was so happy to finally source cheese curds. 'Nuf said. Bag Breaded Squeeky Cheese Curds - 14/Case, York Valley Cheese Company 16 oz. Vaughn Sievewright (verified owner) – October 20, 2020, Next day delivery is awesome and it lasts for quite a long time (or freeze half so you always have some for later), Daniel H. (verified owner) – October 17, 2020, Paul Jones (verified owner) – October 12, 2020, Sandy Yu (verified owner) – October 8, 2020, Best cheese curds ever, so happy I was able to get this here! but other than that I’m very happy with it and will certainly be returning for more, Anonymous (verified owner) – January 27, 2019, Edward Stimson (verified owner) – January 25, 2019, I never removed it. I am from Canada and the thing i miss the most is proper poutine. Laurie (verified owner) – September 26, 2020. Please respond asaol, Anonymous (verified owner) – January 20, 2019. We hope the replacement is of a better standard, and hope to continue supplying cheese curds to you in the future. Anonymous (verified owner) – November 10, 2020. , sharon lewis (verified owner) – May 4, 2020. I’m from Canada and been over in England for 4 years now and couldn’t seem to get cheese curds anywhere to make poutine. Marc Brion (verified owner) – March 2, 2018. Quick delivery though and only place in the UK to buy curds online! Laura (verified owner) – January 19, 2019, The best I’ve found outside of Canada. We also ship our cheese and gifts nationwide! Anonymous (verified owner) – January 6, 2020, Tracy (verified owner) – December 22, 2019. Anonymous (verified owner) – March 31, 2018, Katie Durham (verified owner) – March 27, 2018. Highly recommend! Tasty and very quick delivery too. Received promptly and perfect for my poutine recreation. (verified owner) – October 4, 2020. John Turner (store manager) – September 18, 2018. Delicious cheese curds delivered promptly. Shop in our store in Honey Brook, PA or order online and we will have your order ready for pickup. We can't get cheese curds down here. I would recommend that an order confirmation be sent out after order placed and tracking details so the customer can have piece of mind the order has gone through and to arrange someone be home at time of delivery. The Wisconsin Cheeseman, of course! Rated 0 out of 5 $ 6.00; Croghan Bologna. Since being back from Canada I’ve looked everywhere, I just wish I could buy them in my local supermarket. robin baker (verified owner) – October 19, 2019, Erin B. This is the authentic thing, and squeaks perfectly! Well done, Goulds! A little taste of home they brought a smile to my face every time they squeaked! Will be ordering again in the future for sure, Anonymous (verified owner) – July 26, 2020, Julia Smith (verified owner) – July 25, 2020. Love it. I’ve frozen portions of the cheese as the 1kg bag is too big to leave open in the fridge. Top Sellers. perhaps you might spend some time answering my messages, addressing my complaint or even delivering my goods, which I have paid for. This form is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, York Valley Cheese Company 2.5 lb. I heard nothing, so I sent them a second message. Excellent product. Unit price / per . They are really delcious! I'm assuming I'll need some sort of specialty cheese store. Christopher O. My friend wanted to try poutine as he is going to canada so it was really special (a simple dish) but we were very pleased to find what we needed as it’s hard to come by in England, Anonymous (verified owner) – March 2, 2019, Sarah Hempell (verified owner) – February 19, 2019. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Absolutely delicious. Proper squeaky cheese for poutine! This is a great way to enjoy the freshest possible mozzarella cheese. A source of cheese curds. The co-op creates about 160,000 pounds of white cheddar curds each day and is the official supplier of the annual Ellsworth Cheese Curd Festival, which touts “peace, love and cheese curds.” Check out live music and a parade, buy crafts and bid in a live auction, get your fill of curds and beer, and – if you’re brave enough – take part in some cheese-themed competition. Cheese Curds. Bag Sharp Cheddar Squeeky Cheese Curds - 12/Case, York Valley Cheese Company 2.5 lb. The Cheese Curds are absolutely Delicious! Olivia T. (verified owner) – June 26, 2020. We used one already (made 2 good portions), it was perfect, tasted fresh and even squeaks like the stuff from back home. Made a fantastic Poutine! #LongLiveTheSqueak, Brian E. (verified owner) – July 13, 2020, jean-philippe (verified owner) – July 12, 2020, As a Canadian living in Scotland, I was delighted to find cheese curds here! Great from frozen (as I ordered 1kg haha) and already need more , David S. (verified owner) – October 6, 2020, Mark Birtchnell (verified owner) – October 5, 2020, Erin B. Choose from a wide selection of cheese, cheddar, american, goat cheese, havarti cheese, smoked cheese, mozzarella and more! Thank you for giving me something I’ve not been able to have for years! Rated 5 out of 5. If you like Poutine, this is the way to go! product-pairings.php include. Very good product and service. I can’t get enough of this melted on chips with bacon. Delivered on time and properly packed. It was so good! Just the same as we used to have in Canada. Arrived chilled and fresh, just in time for Canada Day. Thank you xx, adrian bigglestone (verified owner) – January 15, 2018, Christina Klasse (verified owner) – January 15, 2018, sandi green (verified owner) – January 14, 2018. Mixed or served with other types of cheese, they will always stand out. Traditionally, cheese curds are made from fresh pasteurized cows milk. Estimated Weight: 1 lb. (verified owner) – May 9, 2020. Fill a stainless steel pot with bleach water comprised of 1 cap of bleach for every 1 gallon of water. Quality was great with the perfect ‘squeak’. I can tell you that Gould’s is one of the best cheese and can easily pass for cheese from home. We are a small business and emails are regrettably sometimes missed, we send our apologies for that. David F. (verified owner) – December 24, 2018. We would have rather you gave us time to rectify the mistake before placing such a review as our protocol is to offer a free replacement in times were there has been an error. Located in the rolling hills of rural Darlington is Brunkow Cheese of Wisconsin. Great delivery too. Bernadette Dalingwater (verified owner) – July 21, 2020, Closest we are getting to Canadian poutine. Thankyou so much, you’ve pleased this Canadian no end and I’ll be making an order monthly for sure. Andrew Simpkin (verified owner) – September 26, 2020, Anonymous (verified owner) – September 26, 2020, Tom (verified owner) – September 22, 2020, Ben M. (verified owner) – September 21, 2020, Simon Kemp-Parazelli (verified owner) – September 20, 2020. Suitable for vegetarians, James Gillett (verified owner) – November 5, 2019. Simple ordering process. It’s been soooo long since I had Poutine. Orders under $250 (before tax) will be charged a $25 delivery surcharge. This was my third time purchasing Cheese curds. (verified owner) – March 9, 2020. I had a dodgy batch but Goulds kindly sent out a new batch without being asked and this one was perfect – gorgeous squeak! Highly recommend!! Order help; Contact Us; Customer feedback; Other Links. A great treat. I made a a poutine straight away and it was like being back home! I was very pleased to be able to get this cheese as I had it in Canada once. Andrew K. (verified owner) – July 1, 2018, Great quality cheese! Robert Hain (verified owner) – December 1, 2017, Ali Webster (verified owner) – November 27, 2017. Came quickly, arrived chilled, very high-quality and freezes great. Very quick and efficient delivery. Just what we were looking for. ian lewis (verified owner) – August 25, 2020, Guaranteed to make excellent poutine “eh”, Richard (verified owner) – August 22, 2020. i am completely and utterly thrilled to have found a supplier of cheese curds that are every bit as good as i remember from my late-night poutine drive-bys in Canada.. thank you! Amazing! This product is perfect for that and I will be buying this regularly when I can. We then package the curd for orders or press into moulds and mature.